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Premium High-Performance Multi-grade Motorbike 20w50 Engine Oil.

CD/SF 20W-50 R1 MULTI ROTEX. Categories: ,

Premium High-Performance Multi-grade Motorbike 20w50 Engine Oil.

RTX – CD/SF 20W50 is a high performance oil for intensively used four-stroke diesel engines, including additives to minimize abrasion and deposit formation. It guarantees that the vehicle’s performance is maintained even during extended trips, and it prevents oil thickening caused by high temperatures by employing additional cleaning additives.

Furthermore, it aids in the improvement of viscosity index and pour point depressants in high and low temperature engine operations, allowing for optimal fluidity and viscosity across a wide temperature range. It also contributes to the stability of oxidation at high temperatures.


Performance Features and Benefits:

  • It has a multigrade viscosity that allows it to work at higher temperatures.
  • Even at high temperatures, it helps to minimize engine deposits.
  • Its advanced base oil lowers engine wear and provides outstanding thermal and oxidative stability.

4L & 8L

Protection of the Environment

It is not recommended that spent oil be poured down the drain or dumped in the ground. To dispose of this oil, contact a reputable collection center.

Storage Requirements

Avoid storing it at extreme temperatures, such as very hot or very cold. Place it in a shaded or enclosed area.


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