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Premium High-Performance Engine Oil.

SG/CD 20W-50 BIANCHI. Categories: ,

Premium High-Performance Engine Oil.

RTX – 20W50 SG/CD  is a high-performance, multigrade engine oil for gasoline engines in passenger automobiles, light commercial vehicles, and industrial or marine passenger car engines that require API SG performance oils. It has strong detergency, antioxidant, and anti-corrosion properties, all of which protect and prevent engine damage.

Its outstanding anti-wear and anti-rust qualities help to extend the life of the vehicle. It may be used in any gasoline or CNG engine that uses API SG or lower performance lubricants. It reduces oil degradation and maintenance expenses, which makes it a very economical choice.


Performance Features and Benefits:

  • It protects equipment by creating a lubricating coating around it.
  • It provides outstanding anti-oxidation stability even in the presence of heavy metals like copper and bronze, it provides outstanding anti-oxidation stability.
  • Gear oil is composed comprised of a paraffinic basis with a high viscosity index, which prevents it from thinning down too much at high temperatures.
  • Anti-foaming qualities prevent corrosion of equipment.

1L, 3L & 4L

Protection of the Environment

It is not recommended that spent oil be poured down the drain or dumped in the ground. To dispose of this oil, contact a reputable collection center.

Storage Requirements

Avoid storing it at extreme temperatures, such as very hot or very cold. Place it in a shaded or enclosed area.


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